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CO2 Scale
Anodic and Cathodic Reactions During Carbon Dioxide Corrosion

This article describes the speciation of carbon dioxide in aqueous solutions as well as the main anodic and cathodic reactions during CO2 corrosion of carbon and low alloy steels.

By Mariano Iannuzzi
Education Electrochemistry
Surfactant Molecule
CO2 Corrosion Inhibitor Performance at Deposit-Covered Carbon Steel and Their Adsorption on Different Deposits.

New peer-review article on CO2 corrosion inhibitors to prevent under deposit corrosion.

By Laura Machuca-Suarez
Publications Under Deposit Corrosion Corrosion Inhibitors
Cross Section CS Sample
Aggressive corrosion of steel by a thermophilic microbial consortium in the presence and absence of sand.

New peer-review article on microbiologically influenced corrosion under deposits.

By Laura Machuca-Suarez
Publications MIC Under Deposit Corrosion
Crevice Corrosion SS316 NaCl 0.1M 30ºC 01
Crevice Corrosion

New book chapter on crevice corrosion fundamentals (pre-print)

By Mariano Iannuzzi
Publications Crevice Corrosion Book Chapter
Wear EBSD 1
Low-Stress Abrasion-Corrosion of High-Cr White Cast Iron

New peer-reviewed article on abrasion corrosion of high-Cr white case iron.

By Mobin Salasi
Publications Tribocorrosion
Hydrogen-Induced Stress Cracking of Swaged Super Duplex Stainless Steel Subsea Components
By Mariano Iannuzzi
Publications Hydrogen
A Tale of Two Potentials

Reversible and corrosion potentials are two abstract concepts in corrosion. This article explains what these two foundational concepts are and how to differentiate between them.

By Mariano Iannuzzi
Electrochemistry Education
Cantilever Dimensions Isometric
Materials and corrosion trends in oil and gas production
By Mariano Iannuzzi
Publications Materials Selection
Corrosion pattern
What is Corrosion?

Definition of corrosion by various researchers

By Mariano Iannuzzi
Definition Education
Rusty Pipes
Cathodic Reactions in Corrosion

This article describes the primary cathodic reactions that control corrosion of metals and alloys in aqueous electrolytes.

By Mariano Iannuzzi
Electrochemistry Education
EBSD - 25Cr SDSS - Deformation
Environmentally Assisted Cracking

What is environmental cracking or environmentally assisted cracking?

By Mariano Iannuzzi
Definition Education